Barrie Kids BJJ

Junior Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Program

Our Youth BJJ program follows the authentic Gracie Jiu-jitsu lessons plans while at the same time taking the time to address Character Development & Lifeskills that help our members develop to become Champions in the game of Life.

We teach your child much more than martial arts. We teach them to strive to be their best by developing discipline, confidence, integrity, and character every parent loves to see in their child.


Barrie’s Only Gracie Humaita facility, we teach the self-defense and grappling skills that make BJJ the world fastest growing martial art, ensuring your child gets all the benefits the art has to offer.

Focus and Goal Setting

With a focus on teamwork & positive goal setting students take the habits from the academy to work/schools and find themselves in the winning circle of the game of life.

Track record of Success

Based in Barrie for over 20 +years, Our Staff hold an unmatched track record of success in helping students and families reach their goals in the martial arts.

Barrie BJJ summer class

Following the Fundamental Helio Gracie Jiu-Jitsu system, our Youth program teaches BJJ / Grappling skills applicable to both sports training and self-defense scenarios.

As a member of our Barrie martial arts academy your child will learn and practice drills and techniques shown to make Gracie jiujitsu the must have skill set that it is in today martial arts landscape. When we take the time to look beyond the skills, our Kids Martial Arts classes are also a fun and exciting way to build your child’s mobility, reflexes, concentration and discipline, all great tools both in the dojo and school/home as well.


Come give Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a try in a fun, safe and welcoming environment.
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